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how we do it

We act as if our task were to create the voice, the tone, the timbre of a cartoon-figure. With the same approach we construe the sound of a brand, a product, a campaign, a spot or a context.

Sound allows giving an almost visual dimension to what isn't visible.

What is a Sound Identity

The creation of a Sound Identity is translated into music. This could be “original” music, i.e. created on purpose for the project, or existing music, edited and available in the musical labels' catalogues.

In order to better define their Sound Identity, MOD offers four services to its customers:

  • MOD-IS (MOD Intelligent System)
  • MODoriginal (Original music)
  • MODalogue (Catalogue music)
  • MODEM (Licencing and clearance)

MOD-IS - MOD Intelligent System

Music is emotion and this linked to personal experience, to musical taste, to knowledge of music. MOD instead has a systemic and objective approach to the creation of a Sound Identity.

Systemic and objective approach to the creation of a Sound Identity.

  1. brand evaluation, sound audit and check of the values of the brand and its communication
  2. identification of the opportunities for the brand and creation of the sound strategy
  3. sound strategy development
  4. evolution of the Sound Identity in line with subsequent developments

Modoriginal. Original music for the voice of the project.

MOD has partnerships with many musicians on an international level and with expert artists of great talent.

Our approach to the creation of a new piece of music tries to avoid the use of compository stereotypes too much linked to the typical advertising language. If music is to be original, it should not only be so because it is unedited. But essentially because it is the right music and creates great impact.

After analysis of the advertising communication and the creative idea that generated it, we identify its sonic profile. This leads to the type of music that should support the communication. Our musical proposals:

  • No compository stereotypes according to the advertising standard
  • No unedited standard music
  • Original music = emotional and impacting

Modalogue. Catalogue music of the voice of the project.

  • Approach to selections = open mind
  • NO personal taste or emotional experience

Our approach to music selection is based on an open mentality, set free from personal taste and emotional experiences. Selections in agreement and affinity with the communication concept (see MODIS).

If the MODIS analysis results in an already available piece of music, as the appropriate choice for the project, MOD has access to a virtually unlimited music library. Discographic catalogues acquired through decennia of visiting and listening to the most interesting and historical music performances.

MOD chooses the right music for the message to be strengthened. This doesn’t mean choosing the “nicest” piece according to the taste of the customer, in order to please him/her. Neither does it mean selecting the most fashionable one.

We select what we deem right, correct, in agreement and affinity with the original idea of the communication it will be linked to and to which it will give a voice.

MODEM. Licensing and clearance of editorial rights and of phonographic recording - master - of the selected music.

  • We track the authors of the selected work
  • We verify who's entitled to the editorial and copy rights of the selected pieces.
  • We verify availability for commercial synchronization
  • We obtain the required licences
  • We manage the economic negotiation strategy and execution